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In general, leupeptin (a cysteine, threonin and serine protease) and aprotinin (sometimes called Trasylol; trypsin inhibitor) are included in most mammalian cell lysate buffers. Whether you need them is really up to your protein of interest: if you know how it gets degraded in vitro, then you should be fine with inhibition of just those proteases. If instead ...


Try rinsing the blot in TBS or PBS before treating. Shake it try and place on level dry surface. When I pour the a chemo reagent on there I just pour enough so the surface tension keeps the fluid on the paper not allowing it to run off. Other possibilities I see could be in your transfer. The temp could not be uniform in the buffer


Well usually in an ECL kit, one of the reagents is the substrate and the other one is hydrogen peroxide, which activates the substrate for breakdown using the HRP on your secondary antibody (Ab) so I genuinely doubt what you are seeing is the result of ratio difference. In order to make that conclusion you need to run your samples twice (on two separate ...


ImageJ doesn't have a feature to remove individual lanes. But that shouldn't be a problem. All you have to do is draw the first lane correctly (I'm referring to size). Then press 1. Now, while the selection is still... selected, click inside it, but not on the number (where the cursor becomes hand), and drag it where you want the next lane. And press 2. And ...

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