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comment Preferred Aspect Ratio for Human Eyes
This is just a hypothesis: but there is probably not one "preferred" aspect ratio, even for one individual. It probably has to do with the following points: 1. the eyes are positioned on a horizontal line; 2. the width between the irises; 3. how far you are looking. And let's not call it a "preferred" aspect ratio. It's more like an "effective" aspect ratio. My hypothesis is that the closer you look, the wider the effective aspect ratio is, and the further you look, the more circular it is. And if you cover one of your eyes, you'll probably get a circular FoV regardless of distance.
comment Has the human 7-day week had any impact on the evolution of species?
@deinonychusaur: good point about the gut flora. Would be interesting to see how some of the flora adapts to a 7-day cycle of alcohol ingestion. Don't we all drink ourselves silly on Friday nights? (Half joking)