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comment Why can't we call dog breeds different species?
Interesting island experiment, but with intermediate sizes they may eventually all interbreed to produce a single population of mutts. What about introducing only two breeds of dogs - one very large and one very small. If the island has sufficient resources that both can survive, would they effectively develop into different species? Might they evolve in ways that pushed them further apart?
comment Is evolution true as Darwin said?
@mgkrebbs - Great comment about ring species. Here's a nice explanation: pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/05/2/l_052_05.html
comment Changing the definition of life?
Drawing a clear line is difficult as you note. But science typically excludes viruses because they don't have the proteins and other parts necessary to reproduce or survive on their own. They contain the genetic code necessary to hijack the functional parts of cells in other organisms, but nothing else. Viruses don't follow chemical directions - they rely on the host cell to do that.