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Webmaster of the pscode.org Java help site. Author of:

See athompson.info for further details on me, as well as my Science & Technology site and DrewTubeish Tube Channel. Also seen at LinkedIn, Softpedia & Facebook1.

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Completed the Java Web Start, JNLP, Applet & Java Sound tag information pages. Asked the How to create screenshots? FAQ & wrote the Why CS teachers should stop teaching Java applets blog post.

  1. But please note, I will not be 'freinding' people on FB who appear under a different name on FB than, here. I am sick of adding friends that make me think 'And ..who is that?'.

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comment What would need to be discovered to prove there is extraterrestrial life?
The definition of 'extraterrestrial' is trivial (unless you subscribe to the 'flat earth' theory, or some such nonsense). The real question here can be boiled down to 'what is life?' - a somewhat tougher question with no clear answer.