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comment Why are plasmid genes not already incorporated into bacterial chromosomes if necessary for stressful situations?
How many copies of a plasmid get made can vary, and then how those plasmids segregate into each daughter after mitosis can vary. It is possible for one of the daughters to wind up with no copies of a plasmid. If that is the cell you or evolution picks to replicate, the plasmid is lost in all descendants.
comment Why can CO₂ be transported dissolved in plasma?
At what level do you mean? Are you talking about transporting from a source to a sink? CO2 is soluble in pure water, and as atmospheric partial pressures of CO2 are going to be lower than physiologic levels, any reversible buffering is just going to aid in transporting CO2 "downhill".
comment Comparative cost of RNA-seq vs sequencing full length cDNAs
What kind of organism? Splicing makes using RNA more difficult. Is there a good existing reference genome for you organism (if lacking in annotation)? Do you have a specific goal, such as biofuels, drug production fighting pathogenic or parasitic organism, or do you have X amount of money and want to do the best basic research? The type and depth of sequencing that is most cost efficient will vary with your goals.
comment Is a minimum size/complexity necessary for an organism to exhibit territoriality?
Without some selective defense of something, I don't see any indication that the small virus behaves territorially. But a virus that infects a virus is still a pretty neat thing.