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comment Why are not all species hermaphrodites?
@rg255 Interesting about r/K selection. I hadn't heard that. Do you have any links? I'd be curious to learn more there. I incorrectly earlier made a comment about dioecy where I meant monecy. But this seems to beg the question, why is monecy/hermaphroditism so much more prevalent in plants? Obviously there are different survival pressures, but I'd think the same basic principles would apply as in animals, but the condition seems to be far more common than in animals.
comment Why are not all species hermaphrodites?
Zero fitness isn't exactly correct, but if we look at parental care as conveying a survival advantage for K selected species, and huge numbers of offspring conveying an advantage for r-selected species (obviously the type of env affects this) does a deadbeat dad really optimize for either of these? Passing on genes is fine, but if offspring survival is low, does it matter? Does it simply boil down to the maintenance of two repr systems plus decreased fitness from inbreeding vs the increased reproductive success from extra child care? Or is there more?