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Biologist with interest in programming

comment Data analysis of transcriptome sequencing data
Are you studying a species that currently have its genome sequenced?
comment Why did the urinary bladder evolve?
Well a Naïve answer for a Naïve question: It's not very "convenient" to leak urine constantly and create a beautiful path leading directly to you when you have lots of predators around looking for you. It's very "convenient" to be able to mark your territory if you're a predator.
comment Why does human facial and head hair continue to grow?
Just want to point out that not everything can be explained in terms of advantage or disadvantage in evolution. Most of the characters are not directly selected or selected at all.
comment Why is Galapagos island so special?
Well, you can find it in many Darwin's writings, even in the book written by captain Fitz Roy (or Fitzroy) called Narrative(s). He also collected lots of finches specimens later used by Darwin.