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comment Why Do Healing Wounds Feel Warmer To The Touch?
@Amory: I'm not asking for medical advice. I want to know why wounds are warmer than normal, please don't misread the question.
comment Why Is The Toughness Of Skin Different On Different Parts Of The Body?
@WYSIWYG do you want to post that as a more detailed answer so I can accept and close this?
comment Why Do Nerve Signals Get Crossed?
@Armatus yes, it does correspond. If I stop scratching the itch, the touch sensation on other area of body stops, and if I start again it starts. I can't reproduce it later on, maybe because I can't find the exact spot the itch was, which is where the error is being triggered. If it is a random error, how and why would such a thing occur?
comment Why Do Nerve Signals Get Crossed?
@Armatus I've only observed it happening when there is a random itch, but no prior itching, but not all itches have it happen. That's why it is so rare, I've only experienced it around two dozen times in the past ~15yrs. I'm 23, I'm assuming it may have happened when I was younger, but I never thought much of it since was just a kid.
comment Why Do Nerve Signals Get Crossed?
@Armatus well the last time it happened I got an itch on the back of my arm and scratched it only to feel the scratching on my lower back. I don't recall which body axis they were at, I'll have to note that next time it happens, but it's rare. No, it does not occur on skin that was itching before.
comment Why Do Nerve Signals Get Crossed?
@terdon: Thanks for the links, but interesting as they are they don't answer why the touch signals get crossed =o(. Irregardless if it is an itch or another form of touch, the brain should not be interpreting a touch on one part of the body as coming from another part. My question is why this mixup occurs and how the brain is incorrectly processing it.
comment Temperature Tolerance In Relationship To Body Temperature
@rg255 would you like to post your comments as an answer?
comment Why Is Most Life Symmetrical Externally But Not Internally?
Thanks for the response. It was very difficult choosing who to accept, so opted to just choose the highest voted one. If I could choose multiple answer I would have chosen yours as well. I did upvote!
comment Why Is Most Life Symmetrical Externally But Not Internally?
@DQdlM, yes, there are exceptions to organ symmetry. However, externally there are no exceptions to symmetry. Why are not all organs symmetrically placed? That is what I am trying to understand. Why full symmetry is not internal as well?