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I'm an undergraduate Engineering/Mathematics Student down in Brisbane, Australia. Interested in learning as much as I possibly can about maths, particularly the ideas/constructions/history/motivation behind the classic undergraduate concepts.

comment Examples of Vestigial Genes
@Remi.b Yes, that's the one. I find these really interesting. On a more personal note, I have a number of intelligent friends influenced by the ID movement, so I always like to have as much evidence as possible :) According to some, the 'difficulties' posed by the GULO gene/chromosome 2 merging has already been explained away.
comment Examples of Vestigial Genes
BTW, some examples of these would still be appreciated :D The wiki page above only gives one other 'disabled' gene comparable to GULO. Thanks
comment Examples of Vestigial Genes
Yes, I guess I am :)
comment Mathematical Modelling of Natural Selection
I knew there must be some literature out there somewhere :) These look great - my library has them all so I'll take a look at them ASAP :D Thanks