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comment How do I get recombinant proteins into the nucleus of mammal cells?
Thanks for the general tip. In my case I have seen people putting stuff (including NLS) to both ends of the protein. Here I am really more concerned about transport efficiency.
comment Why does the pET- expression vector contain a LacI gene additionally to the one in the genome?
Thanks for you comment @Chris. Are there strains that have the T7 RNA polymerase but do not have lacI? Or are those then just infected with T7 phage to express the protein? Could you find a reference for your statement and post it as an answer?
comment What's the use of RNA editing in kinetoplast?
Thanks! I kinda agree on that last point through I don't think that this really challenges the neutral hypothesis ("see we have 850 neutral gRNA developed by chance. Now if a mutation in a gene occurs that can be rescued by one of those gRNA this change will also be neutral but will lead to a fixation of that gRNA"). Is Neutrality even the basis of diversity and thus adjustability?(and thus not neutral, hah)
comment What's the use of RNA editing in kinetoplast?
Haha, I read that last quote just the second before I read your answer. I find this answer much more satisfying than the neutral model proposed in 10.1016/0168-9525(93)90011-6. I like how you point out the different oxygen concentrations[source would be nice] as one would usually think of the mitochondrial genes as almost perfect and thus less variable. However, some (healthy?) doubt is left...
comment What is the full name of E. G. Gray?
It's about his bio, isn't? * ironic smile * I shared your doubts, but I think this question will be useful especially for people using this SE site. Though I have to admit that main reason I asked it here instead of a more general site like Yahoo answers, is that I knew the people here were most likely to answer this question correctly. And Indeed it was correctly and comprehensively answered within minutes by @jonsca. Thank You very much therefor!
comment How do I measure bacterial growth in agar dishes (either by cell mass or by cell count)?
I don't understand the effect of not "always ensuring you inoculate the plates with the same amount of inoculum."
comment What is Peter's rule in neuroscience?
"taking into account the detailed morphometrics", i.e. looking on an EM image? :P see another exception
comment Question about equilibrium potential formula
probably because it is the Nernst not the Goldman eq. Thanks @Armatus ! I corrected it abvove.