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Enthusiastic about the unanswered

  • What's the music with the sampled vocal 11121112....
  • What's the music that goes "Keep on dancin.." (70s disco (78/79))
  • What's the computer game with the music A5 A5 A5A5A5A5A5 G5 (80s arcade car racing game)
  • Is "Kephir" a word for a war where everybody fights everyone else?

Most stupid questions

  • What is impossible?
  • Does one dance roundabout or in a square to that?
  • What time did the classified project take?

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comment How much can be said about behaviour (future) based on bloodgroup?
I'm not sure if you talk about personal matters or actual body behviour now. I meant for instance the behaviour of a leg or an arm or my physiology (and not so much online consumer behaviour or profiles)