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Your friendly neighborhood Philosophy Mod. :)

Research Psychologist and HF Engineer at NASA.
Background in Psychology, Philosophy, and Computer Science.

Interests / areas of study:
artificial intelligence, linguistics, natural language processing, evolutionary psychology, persuasion, perception, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, perception/phenomenology, Kant, Hume, Buddha.

The Future Is Ours

comment Is there a correlation between muscle fibers and body types?
Awesome, I will look into all those papers for sure :)
comment Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?
"The reason for the down-vote was that a great answer existed already and, judging by the up-votes garnered by that answer, it seems validated." Downvotes are for answers which are not useful, i.e. irrelevant or false. If SE downvoting was designed the way you suggest, it would not make sense to be able to upvote more than 1 answer. In other words, while you can have only 1 accepted answer, there can be more than 1 useful answer, and in fact there are badges for when "merely useful" answers outscore accepted answers, to highlight the fact that the first is not always the best. :)
comment Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?
Just to be clear though, you write in your comment above "There was no assumption or innuendo in my question." This is false. The question "Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?" assumes at least 2 things: that humans have evolved and that humans have done so faster than other animals. The context of your question suggests you think of evolution as a linear progression towards an "advanced state"; as if there is a "beginning" and "end" of evolution. This, as any biologist will point out to you, is false. That's all I was attempting to clarify. :)
comment Why have humans evolved much more quickly than other animals?
@MatthewPatrickCashatt: Just because your question is posed with few words does not mean it is "simple". Evolutionary biology is a vast and complex field which you—based on your question and subsequent responses—appear to grossly under-appreciate. With all due respect, I think you misinterpreted my answer as a personal affront and typecast the entire response as nonsense when in fact it is quite relevant. :\ Based on your personality profile it is unlikely you will change your (public) position on this though, even if you were to (secretly) agree with it after rereading it more fairly.