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I'm currently collecting more letters after my name, because I am told these help you exchange your time for things you want.

Edit in response to changes: received more letters after my name, has not yet translated in to better exchange of my time for things I want. With an n of 2, I am probably going to have try for a third set of appending letters.

I have had no formal education in programming. All the programming I do is tangential to what I am trying to do, but I'll be damned if I let segfault stop me.

Thanks to all coders who help me. Come by Bio SE to see if I can help you.

When I say I have had no formal education in programming, I mean I've had absolutely no training in any computer science, and no one I work with has any training. I've used Debian, Biopup, SPSS, and R for years for what ever that's worth (again totally self taught).

Be warned that following any answers I give may lead to infected lemurs coming out of your computer and attacking you at night.

Happy coding.

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