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Experimental nuclear and particle physicist. These days I'm teaching, but I've spent a lot of time on nucleon structure in fixed target electron scattering and neutrino oscillations using reactors and beam sources.

Been reading Zemansky & Dittman's book on thermodynamics recently. Quote: ``The concept of temperature is rich in interpretations and levels of abstraction.'' Nice.

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comment What is the brightest color a light source that only emits blue frequency light can achieve?
'"white light" is perceived when there is a roughly equal mix of frequencies.' Not even that. White light is perceived when there is a roughly equal excitation of the three distinct types of color sensitive photocells in the eye, and they each have a broad sensitivity. Which is essentially the same information you need to answer all of these "How do humans see XXX?" questions. We've accepted them in the past because (1) there is some physics in them and (2) there was nowhere else for them to go, but at this time I would favor moving them out.
comment How does water buffer a sudden drop in temperature?
Speaking as a Physics.SE mod I'm sufficiently at sea to not know if this is a good question for our site. Ultimate Gobblement, could you clarify the question a bit?
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