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Name: Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

About Me: Nothing to share! What's mine, should stay mine! Go fetch one for yourself.

Favourite Qoute:

  1. I'll send a fucking axe at you if you insist on a fucking accent - Eminem

  2. Second Favourite: Throw me to them wolves and close the gate up, I'm afraid of what would happen to them wolves. - Eminem

  3. All that love shit is null and void - Eminem

Favourite Rapper: Again, Eminem!

Favourite Thing to do: Ummm well I love to sleep the most, I don't like to sleep at night I like to do the coding stuff, because its peace all around! :) I love to sleep from 2am - 8am. That's the time when the person should get rest! I love to eat, chicken is my favourite. Well I like chicks too (just for information..). I love playing football, little much do I know about it.

Things I own: I have a laptop, a bicycle, a lovely girl friend :) and a very strict family, who never let me do my coding work for thinking I might be wasting my time! :( I own a cell phone having android OS, yep! I love android.

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Then you can find me anywhere you go, trust me when I say anywhere.

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