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I've learned a bit of LaTeX, and now I'm trying to get really, really good at it

comment What conditions are necessary for HPL (human pancreatic lipase) to activate?
Doesn't lingual lipase have an optimal pH around 4 - 5? That's why it can still continue its catalytic activity even in the stomach...
comment How do the lungs act as a sieve to trap blood clots?
But if a blot clot gets stuck in a small capillary, won't it get occluded and prevent blood flow? I know that the lungs have a mechanism to prevent ventilation-perfusion inequality, and if a blood clot did get stuck, there would be bronchioconstriction of the airway leading to that alveolus, but I don't see how just getting stuck in a capillary makes the lung a sieve for blood clots. I do appreciate you asking the lung experts. Thank you for answering!