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I aspire to a greater number of things than can be accomplished in one lifetime. My heart longs to create, invent, and learn.

I started writing a novel, but I got distracted. Now I have seven as-yet unfinished stories.

And my shelves are stacked with half-finished paintings. Boxes of art supplies. Stacks of half-read Science News magazines and National Geographics, and self-appointed biology and psychology textbooks which I haven't even cracked open yet.

Photography. Linguistics. Theology. Mineralogy. Physics. Chemistry. Neuroscience. Astronomy. Biochemistry. Nutrition. Somnology. Anthropology. Archaeology. Paleoanthropology. Paleography. Botany. Herbology. Chromatics. Geochronology. Eschatology. Apologetics. Kinesiology. Reflexology. ...

... the -ologies never end!

So little time, too much to learn...

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