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I may introduce myself as an interdisciplinary researcher. I am boldly using some metaphors from physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics domains in my workings such as 'fitness landscapes'. I like to create systems in all meaning and I am working with more theoretical style than practical. I can say that my research interests take place in three main research domains: Operations management (supply chain management, complexity in operations systems), Operations research (decision processes, queuing systems, simulation) and Information systems (artificial agents).

Current project

I am currently working on a project (SCOM - Ontological Supply Chain Management Model) which aims to create a dynamic model for tracking and tracing product/service, members, flow and operations of a supply chain with an upper ontology. It will hopefully let us to track any product/service and to trace its all physical, social or mental components (raw materials, parts, know-how, patents, managerial strategy etc.) efficiently. We may use outputs of this project in the future to track or trace almost all properties in a not-usual supply chain and operations management, such as interstellar supply chains (eg. raw materials from the planet Mars), health-related supply chains (eg. blood products), food management (eg. genetic structures of agricultural products), environmental issues of production systems (eg. nuclear power usage in a production process) and protection of art and artistic materials (eg. tracing an artifact).

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