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comment What is a “pure odorant”?
Not sure I really understand why a "pure odorant" was needed for the test, then. All they were doing, was measuring the distance at which the odor could be detected, not what it was. While I can see that peanut butter is useful, for non-odor reasons (sticks to a spoon, etc), I still don't see why a lemon (or lemon juice on a Q-tip) wouldn't have worked just as well. Possibly that line was just intended to sound more scientific than, "it sticks to the spoon." :)
comment What is a “pure odorant”?
So you're saying that peanut butter stimulates only a small section (of the Bulb, whatever that is), whereas other scents will trigger multiple nerve sections, and so can be faked with a different set of odorants?
comment Skeletal muscle without antagonist
"the first rule without exception?" Didn't you just say - "excluding orbiculares"?
comment Do probiotics survive digestion?
Closely related, I'm wondering if pills containing bacterial cultures would keep the bacteria alive through the stomach - it seems like the coating would, but has it ever been tested?