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comment Is it possible to grow any kind of plant soilless (hydroponics)?
No, I was just thinking in general terms. Small scale use I'd say definitely (based upon my own experience) more work as you'd have to refresh the water constantly and probably more expensive depending on your sources of the required minerals. But I would assume that there are a lot different relationships if you scale things up enough.
comment What are the factors to consider when determining the sample size for a given study?
I think it depends on what type of analysis you are going to do, but I know for at least an ANOVA you can calculate the smallest sample size for a given power, but in that case you have to have an idea of how big difference you are looking to find-.
comment Is there a reason why human eyesight and plants make use of the same wavelength of light?
Yes indeed, I believe I was thinking of other mammals failing to detect different tones in this red-green spectrum. But I wrote it very missleading. Thanks for commenting =)
comment Evolutionary origin and exogenous cues of ~28 day infradian rhythm?
@MatthewPiziak: correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a third possibility as well - that the lunar cycle affects something which is the causation of the human menstrual cycle. nico - I have no idea about the cycles of other relative close ancestors to us (ie primates), but do you know if they deviate substantially from the human cycle?
comment Why is the microbial ecosystem of the gut so susceptible to disruption by pathogens?
I would actually disagree with the whole idea that the bacterial community in the gut are very susceptible to disruptions. Imagine how many different potential pathogens we ingest every day, and how often do we actually show symptoms?
comment What is the smallest number of amino acids required for life?
One could argue that the answer is zero as long as you define a virus as a living thing, even if it uses (living) amino acids to reproduce it's not needed for survival. If you even talk about survival in viruses... This is however more of a philosophical sidenote...
comment Why does the cold make us sick?
I agree with Alyosha above, I don't think that coldness is a cause of disease as much as a contributing factor. And cold air is also more dry, causing your tracheae to dry out, becoming more susceptible to any potential virus and bacteria...
comment Can the body of any organism on Earth live without impairment both in vacuum, and within Earth's atmosphere?
I even think NASA sent a few of them up to space, brought them back to earth and awakened them...