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comment Strictly from a biological perspective, what is the functional expectation of a human being
Although "What is the purpose of human feet" and "What is the purpose of human existence" have the same word pattern, they are quite distinct English sentences, even before the biology question. The first can be answered with what good feet do for people. The second asks what good people do for something (what?) I would -1 this if I had the rep on this site (I have lots on math) Looks like a troll to me. Biology and purpose rarely belong in the same sentence.
comment Do animals exist with an uneven total number of digits?
@ghoppe: others have brought the total above 11.
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comment How many times did endosymbiosis occur?
@Vass: you might look at amazon.com/Oxygen-Molecule-World-Popular-Science/dp/0198607830/… It is fairly tough going for a popular science book, but is about how life learned to live with and use oxygen