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comment E. coli values for [enzymes], [metabolites] and kinetic rates
This work was based on this paper and I had an impression that the authors run into pretty much the same limitations: only qualitative analysis is provided with the computational model, whereas they could have gone quantitative with this model and had quantitative experimental results.
comment E. coli values for [enzymes], [metabolites] and kinetic rates
This is my personal experience. When you use the COBRA toolbox, you use an external module for linear optimization to get your "objective" function. When I computed the base model from iAF1260 E.Coli, it worked well, just as a system of two bacteria living together. But as soon as you started to perform single or double gene deletion analysis, your objective function maximum started to behave erratically. You could make it bit better with it by using a different external linear optimization module, but still no analysis was possible.
comment T7 phage promoter action in mammals
Thanks for the answer!