I have come across an insect in Cambridge UK that I could not identify.

I tried to find this in various catalogues of local insects without success. The insect was about 1-2cm in length and didn't move at all until it was disturbed. I found it around 11am. We are currently experiencing high temperature variations (8C-20C).

Could someone please help identify it and point me at any useful resources I can use in the future?

enter image description here


It's a greater bee fly, Bombylius major, a nectar feeder and generalist floral pollinator which pollinates hundreds of species of flowers. It lays eggs near real bee nests and it's larvae feed from the bee larvae.


  • $\begingroup$ Thank you!! What a fascinating creature, can't belive I have never come across it before. $\endgroup$ – Bart Platak Apr 8 at 9:37

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