I found a bug with a yellow banding in the South of France. At first I thought it was an ant, and then it appeared to be a related to a cricket.

What type of bug is it?

enter image description here


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If you look at the wings, they look partially formed and hard -- this is indicative of this being a nymph of some type of hemipteran. (The developing wings are sometimes called "wing pads").

One group that comes to mind is the family Miridae since some species have ant-mimic nymphs.

One possibility (well, one jumping off point) is Miris striatus *

enter image description here

Credit: Tristan Bantock (2008) ; Source: BritishBugs

GBIF confirms this insect is in France.

*I'm not convinced this is your species given the darker limbs and more prominent and abundant yellow in your specimen. Genus seems likely though. Miridae is a very large family of true bugs, so there are lots of potential options I'm not even familiar with...


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