Is the oxygen produced by algae in photosynthesis consumed by the fungi, specifically in marine lichens where oxygen is less abundant? I am wondering this because of a speculative evolution project.


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Exchange of gases between lichen symbionts has been demonstrated for Flavoparmelia caperata. Note that this is a foliose lichen species, though the findings may be generalizable to marine lichen.

We discovered the first evidence that photosynthetic O2 and respiratory CO2 mutually power the lichen symbiosis, together with the previously recognized exchange of Calvin-cycle sugars and water.

Ten Veldhuis MC, Ananyev G, Dismukes GC. Symbiosis extended: exchange of photosynthetic O2 and fungal-respired CO2 mutually power metabolism of lichen symbionts. Photosynth Res. 2020 Mar;143(3):287-299.

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