This is a perennial plant photo taken in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, but I have seen the same plant in Andhra Pradesh as well. It's not exactly woody like a tree, but pretty large shrub [taller than me]. enter image description here enter image description here

What species is it?

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    $\begingroup$ Anything else you can tell us about the plant - the shape/form/habit? is the plant woody or soft? If you are searching include the terms pinnate leaves, flower raceme/racemic $\endgroup$
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Looks like a type of legume called a senna, though I do not know for certain which species -- see below for a pretty good guess!

Things that stand out about your specimen: most prominent are the erect/many-flowered yellow inflorescences, which are called racemes. You can see narrow green seed pods below your inflorescences as well -- these appear to be winged. Also noteworthy are the pinnately compound leaves with opposite leaflets having emarginate tips and entire margins -- I count 18-22 leaflets on leaves in your second image.

One such species that matches your specimen pretty well is Senna alata, the candelabra bush.

Senna alata plant

Credit: Marie Lacouture ; Source: TRAMIL Library

  • This is a shrub-like plant growing 3-4 m tall, has bright yellow racemes that open bottom to top in the fall, leaves with 18-28 entire leaflets that can sometimes have emarginate tips, and is in-fact named for its winged seedpods (ala = winged).

Although native to the Neotropics, iNaturalist shows many observations of this plant in India.

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