I am trying to start a small microbiology project and I need a growth culture for bacteria. I do not want to use the costly nutrient agars you can buy online. I would like to create my own nutrient agar using the recipe below, but I do not have peptone. I found a paper that seems to be using extruded beans instead of peptone and beef or yeast extract.

Is possible to edit the recipe below and use extruded beans instead of peptone and beef or yeast extract?

This is the article about beans: Batista, K. A., Bataus, L. A. M., Campos, I. T., & Fernandes, K. F. (2013). Development of culture medium using extruded bean as a nitrogen source for yeast growth. Journal of microbiological methods, 92(3), 310-315.

The exact recipe I would like to edit.

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There is an article about using cheap substitutes for peptone, one of the main ingredients of culture medium as a nitrogen-source. The authors used coconut cake (meal), ground-nut or gingelly cake which worked just as fine as the peptone.

The article is: An indigenous substitute for peptone as the ingredient of culture media. by Raghavendra Rao et al. 2020 (ISSN: 2456-1045).


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