Seen yesterday (October 10) in Southern Ontario (near Muskoka), near a lake. Maybe 0.5cm in size or so, during the afternoon.

Hundreds of these little bugs seem to be holding or attached to a curly white piece of fluff each and swinging them back and forth wildly.

What are these? And what are they doing?

Video: https://i.imgur.com/t7kWyKr.mp4

Image (image sucks, please see video): Image

  • $\begingroup$ My research suggests the Woolly Aphid or the Beech Blight Aphid $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 11, 2021 at 1:09

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I am not very particular but I think they are Beech blight aphid(Grylloprociphilus imbricator)

Beech blight aphid is a small insect in the order Hemiptera.The aphids form dense colonies on small branches and underside of leaves.enter image description here

You can get more info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beech_blight_aphid


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