In this video from Bloomburg Quicktake, the reporters discover at a methane well (Skip to 14:21) a GHG leak that has attracted bumblebees. Does natural gas smell sweet to bees? Why would the bees be attracted to the leak?

  • $\begingroup$ It's entirely possible they were there coincidentally (and got scared by the humans filming them, and decided to take shelter in the pipe), or they were just curious. $\endgroup$
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It is possible that the bees are attracted to the methane because it might replicate the emission of methane from appealing vegetation alive, dead or dying — specifically the kind of standing wood that might lead to a home for a carpenter bee (easily mistaken for a bumblebee).

"Methane emissions from trees: Tree trunks act as methane source in upland forests (from Science Daily)"

What we've found in this study is that some coarse woody debris acts kind of like the soil and consumes methane while other pieces of coarse woody debris emit small amounts of methane, which is also what we saw with living tree trunks," said Warner.

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