I'm a conference organizer for various conferences in the field of biology. Just recently, I stumbled upon this Nature article: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-03487-2 and I have difficulties in finding biology-specific expert transcription services for my conferences. The generally well-known transcription service providers do not have people available that are familiar with the ubiquitous scientific terminology used by speakers on my conferences. Where could I find scientific experts that are capable of transcribing terminology-heavy talks across various fields of biology and willing to do so?

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Short answer
To provide accessible conferences for the hearing impaired, automated artificial intelligence (AI) based captioning services are a good and affordable substitute to live captioners these days.

I took the liberty to outsource this question to a giant in the field I work in (Auditory Neuroscience and specifically auditory prosthetics) and they wrote me the following back, and I quote (web links and comments in square brackets added by me):

'We previously used a remote live transcription service that cost about $5000 [USD] for the [conference] week. But the AI based automatic transcription service is now so good we didn’t think there was enough difference in quality to justify the expense of live captioners. The institutional version of Zoom has AI captioning built in – there’s a cc button at the bottom of the screen, and the captioning built in to youtube is excellent for prerecorded videos. We used these two for the recent [conference].'


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