I'm just having a little bit of trouble and want to make sure that I am seeing the same things that the original researchers were seeing. This is the name of the paper Hair Cycle Control by Estrogens: Catagen Induction via Estrogen Receptor (ER)-α Is Checked by ERβ Signaling. Specifically, I am looking at Figure 2 with the tyramine signal amplification (TSA) images and am wondering what colors are supposed to indicate the presence of estrogen receptor (ER)? Take the statement:

ERα IR had its peak in telogen follicles and was intensely visible in the dermal papilla and cells of the sebaceous gland.

When I look at Figure 2, T, I don't seem to be seeing any blue in the sebaceous gland?


Is it the case that the area I circled in red is the sebaceous gland with the smaller circles around the blue indicating the presence of ER-α, as opposed to the arrow the authors had placed?

enter image description here



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