Russell Arnott, apparently an oceanographer, who currently works as a project manager at the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University (UK), wrote in his piece Whales and Waves (2016, p.2):

New research from the DAREWIN Institute postulates that once a whale has obtained an image of an object using sound, it can then send a holographic image of what they saw to another whale using sound. That’s like sending a 3D-picture to your friend using only your face.

Although that article is available on Academia.edu, and Russell Arnott does indeed apparently currently work for Cambridge University, the article is not from a published academic journal. With my meagre understanding of biology I've tried to hunt down articles on this in peer reviewed journals or academic books but have drawn a blank.

Is there any research which suggests that whales may be able to send each other three-dimensional images, or in fact, images of any sort at all?

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    $\begingroup$ whales uses sonar and it might be possible for other whales to see the return signal/picture,it is sort of scary if it is done in any other way than this. $\endgroup$ Jun 26 at 6:05


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