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What is the name of this creature?

It looks like either a crustacean or a conch.


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flat helical shell with tentacles and eyes - and a fair bit of plate-armour2

Nautilus belauensis. Licenced under CC ASA 3.0 unported, via Wikipedia 2022 from user Manuae.

Mollusca -> Cephalopoda (like squid and octopus) -> Nautilaceae -> Nautilidae - comprising of six extant species.

They range the 200m to 700m depth of the Indo-Pacific, scavenging carrion.

They seem to have been more-or less the same over the last 500 million years according to the fossil record - then being up to 2.5 metres in shell diameter, being more modest now at a maximum of 22 cm (10 inches) when fully grown.

They move via jet-propulsion by drawing water in through their hyphonome, then expelling it with force, as seen in the "front view" here:

spout showing in mid squirt

From Profberger at English Wikipedia, freely licensed.


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