I'm attempting to identify a gorgeous set of mushrooms. I'm not anything resembling a mycologist, and I have no intention on consuming these... But for my own curiosity, I'm trying to identify these striking mushrooms.

Some notes:

  • These mushrooms were found directly under a red oak tree, in central New Hampshire, near Lake Winnipesaukee
  • The mushrooms were found this morning, on August 2nd
  • The largest cap was about 6 inches in diameter
  • The pore surface bruised rapidly (10s of seconds) to a blackish blue, even when lightly bruised. Harder pressure bruised nearly instantly.
  • The cap flesh, though, did not. You can see a slightly more-yellow streak where I rubbed the cap pretty hard. Even after several minutes, no bruising appeared.
  • The stipe similarly did not bruise. In fact, it was quite solid.
  • When cut in half, no bruising was apparent, even after several minutes (when the picture was taken)

Digging around, I thought maybe it was B. Bicolor, but the cracked appearance of the cap doesn't match basically any photos I can find. It's not as bruisable as B. sensibilus.

Can anyone help me identify this? I can run further tests as well.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ For even more precision, make a spore print overnight and photograph. $\endgroup$ Aug 3 at 11:39


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