Say an animal gets approached in a violent manner, and chooses to run (flight) instead of engage in a physical act (fight).

I've heard that fighting to animals -- even humans arguably -- is "costly" and "dangerous" so many may avoid it for this. All do not avoid fights, however, and some people deliberately go after/engage/attempt to start one with a person directly.

My concern is ... Does fleeing indicate a rationalized sort of contemplation of the animal, or is it due to its weakness?

Does an animal that flees have the potential to have won, and fleed out of rationality rather than weakness? I wonder because a gazelle indeed runs from a lion because it will definitely die ... No questions asked. Does this work the same with humans?

In a human a myriad of other factors may be necessitated prior to fighting -- and depending on each individual too. So we can't come to the conclusion that a human fleeing another violently engaging human is equivalent to a gazelle with a lion?

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