Anabantoideis are fish with an organ that allows them to take oxygen directly from the air outside of water. However, I cannot find much on how this functions, nor can I find any clear image of what it looks like. Those I do find seems to contradict one another.

enter image description here

This image shows what looks like a bubble flowing into a hollow hole.

enter image description here

This image shows something very different, a mess of flesh, presumably where oxygen is absorbed and expelled from the gills.

enter image description here

This image shows a mess of flesh like before but more similar to intestines, but disconnected to the gills.

What images are most accurate, and how does the labyrinth function?

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    – tyersome
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  • $\begingroup$ @tyersome Yes, I've looked for actual images, but they are even less helpful, usually only showing external anatomy and never the real labyrinth itself. $\endgroup$
    – E.UCIT
    Aug 28, 2022 at 5:46


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