Initially, I was going to ask how many proteins were possible. But, while researching the question, I learned the word proteoform and have been reading a lot of stuff I don't really understand, but from I do think I get, the word "proteoform" was created because sometimes the "typical" or "canonical" forms of a "protein" can take different forms, or "proteoforms" based on environmental and possibly other factors, despite being coded for with the same DNA. So, a "protein" will often (always?) have several different "proteoforms". As I understand it, it is part of the protein-folding problem, and the complexity is huge. I was trying to see if anyone has calculated or figured out what would be needed to calculate how many proteoforms were possible, but I don't find anything. I imagine the number is tremendous, I just wanted to know how tremendous. So, how many proteoforms are possible? If that's not known, what would be needed to know this? Thanks.



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