Does anyone know how to calculate BMR that accounts for the total lean muscle mass? Specifically for someone that has been performing resistance training and their values may differ than norms?

I read that the body burns 144 kcal/day per pound of muscle and 48 kcal/day per pound of fat. I'm trying to determine my BMR with added muscle mass and to use it for calorie counting.

I believe body fat calipers or an electric impedance tester will determine the percent body fat. Should one use these methods to determine body fat percent, then subtract this from 100, to get lean muscle mass? I'm confused because it seems LEAN_MUSC_MASS = BODY_MASS - (BODY_MASS * BODY_FAT_PERC) would included both fat and skeletal weight. Is it typical to find LEAN_MUSC_MASS and then subtract the average weight of the skeleton to obtain FAT_MASS, then calculate the BMR? I think one would need to include other factors for BMR, like energy consumption of the brain, heart and other organs?

Guidance appreciated



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