I'm super confused with the following question:

A researcher working with yeast identified two haploid mutant strains (strain A and strain B) in two different genes essential for yeast growth, A and B.

The researcher created a diploid from these two strains and induced meiosis processes.

The researcher grew the products of meiosis on a minimal substrate. Write the genotype of the haploid yeast obtained following meiosis. For each of the products of meiosis, state the phenotype [ed.: previously said genotype] (grown/not grown) and justify your answer given that there is an interaction between the genes:

I. The A gene is epistatic dominant to the B gene.

II. The B gene is epistatic recessive to the A gene.

I know posting a question and expecting to magically get an answer is not the right way, but I don't know where to even begin with this question. I'm super confused.

Anyways, thank you and have a lovely day/evening.

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  • $\begingroup$ I edited to change a critical word without which it makes no sense. Consider whether it makes sense now. I agree with you that I find this question somewhat confusing, but maybe you know where to start now. First of all: what are the definitions of the various terms like epistatic dominant / recessive? Is other information provided about the single mutant phenotypes? $\endgroup$ Jan 24 at 20:34


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