I'm digesting a plasmid for assembly. In my experience, I always have low yields when gel extracting and purifying. Since I am only making one cut in my vector, could I just purify with a column? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!.


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Yes, this is perfectly possible. There are a few small caveats though:

  • do not overload the column with too much DNA, as this will result in lower yields
  • also do not load an amount of DNA which is too small, this may result in loss of your sample. In my experience it worked better cleaning small samples from a gel.
  • also carryover of salts or Ethanol can cause problems
  • look up the exclusion size of the column from the manual. They can typically on purify DNA above a certain size and sometimes only work efficiently up to a certain DNA size
  • they are quick and convenient, but more expensive than a gel

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