I want to find a rough relation between the angle of rotation of the thoracic spine and the corresponding segmental movements in the skeleton of the ribcage. I have come across some research which explains in detail the anatomy and axes of rotation for costovertebral and costotransverse joints. I have also come across literature providing the movements of ribcage in the case of inhalation/exhalation.

However, I haven't found any literature that details the overall/partial movement of the thoracic wall or ribcage bones during thoracic movements. (flexion, side bending, axial rotation etc.) There is also a previously asked unanswered question regarding this topic.

Can anyone suggest any previous work/paper/book/website that can provide me with a detailed kinematics of the thorax region? Also, can the rotation/translation of ribcage bones be approximated if I know the angle and the axis of rotation of each thoracic vertebrae?



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