I am looking for a good book in:

  • Yeast reproduction
    • mating types
    • Recombination
    • mating type determination mechanism
  • Yeast evolution
  • Yeast as model organism and its use in experimental biology
    • It should include common technics used to work with yeast. For example: We can add a plasmid in order to fool yeast and let them think they have another mating type than the actually have.

Note: I am mostly interested in Saccharomyces cerevisiae of course.


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Here is my list, in no particular order.

Methods in Yeast Genetics

Some other yeast books at CSHL

Fred Sherman's primer, available free at various sites including here.

The Freiburg manual here

The timeless classics (link to volume 3 but see all volumes)

The YeastBook is an attempt to build a current encyclopaedia to replace the previous item on my list.

The Saccharomyces genome database, probably the best organism-specific resource ever.


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