I am thinking about inflammation process with Cytomegalovirus infection. I first thought it is about chronic inflammation, but then changed my mind because of virus infection. I think cytokines must be there in activation.

I am thinking which of these is right mechanism for both of these

  • mononuclear cells and granulocytes (I think this must be chronic inflammation)
  • granulocytes with scar formation (I think no scar)
  • cytopathic cytoproliferation inflammation

I think the cytopathic cytoproliferation inflammation is the right one because cytokines are activating the inflammatory response in virus infection. However, I am not sure if this inflammation is of chronic type.

Which type of inflammation can cytomegalovirus infection lead to?


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According to this paper the virus triggers the innate immune system and induces inflammatory cytokines as well as interferon stimulated genes (which is a response to a viral infection). It seems to be recognized by the cells via the Toll-like receptor 2 and CD14, which subsequently trigger the cytokine production. A schematic view comes from the second paper:

enter image description here

These two articles are interesting in this context, the first addresses CMV in special, the second is a pretty recent review about how viruses are recognized and how cytokines are involved:


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