I would like to mesure DNA. I quantify the concentration with Qubit fluorometer, but I would like to know also quality of DNA. I try BioAnalyzer (Agilent),but without success. Bioanalyzer measure DNA samples from 100 to 7 000 bp (12 000 bp). Problem is that my DNA is not sheared, I would like to quantify whole mouse DNA. Have you any idea? Thanks!


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You can run your DNA sample on agarose gel to see, whether you have significant degradation.

If you are interested in contamination, you can make a standard photometric analysis to assess the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios and absorbance at 320 nm on NanoDrop or even something similar to Eppendorf's BioPhotometer.

In case RNA may be an obstacle for some down-stream procedures, with Qubit you can also measure separately DNA and RNA concentrations and then decide if you have too much RNA and it's worth treating your sample with RNase.

  • $\begingroup$ I run DNA on gel...but I need some number for comparison...NanoDrop is probably the best option in my case :) Thanks! $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 3, 2014 at 16:48

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