I spotted this dove in a park. It was foraging among Rock Doves, Seagulls, Ibises and a few others.

It appears similar to Pied Rock Doves, but I am not certain if this is correct.

enter image description here

Any idea what the name of this dove is?


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It's a pied version of the Rock Pigeon (Columbia livia), aka Rock Dove. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the pied variety of Rock Pigeon is one of any color that has splotches of white on the body. I think that fits your bird very well. It's not a different species, but just one of several color varieties of Rock Pigeon.

If you are not familiar with Cornell's site and enjoy birds, their All About Birds site is very nice.


Also called Piebald (Pied for short as mentioned above.) It's a pretty common mutation among different animals. Dogs, deer, and snakes such as the ball python exhibit this trait. So yeah, your bird is still a rock dove.


enter image description here the bird above is a pigeon, local breed of pigeon in African, just like any other pigeon, it has all features a pigeon has! It was got as a result of mating a brown male pigeon with a black white colored female pigeon, All local breeds from Africa!?

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