How (quantitatively speaking) does temperature influences rate of turnover of transcription factors?

Which protein?

As I am not looking for any accurate number I am talking about an "average" transcription factor. I leave to you the choice of answering this question with some very accurate example (Transcription factor GTF II A for example) or with some broad observation on how temperature influences protein turnover.

The organism I'd like to model is a typical unicellular eukaryote such as a yeast for example that lives at "standard" range of temperature (between 5°C and 35°C roughly speaking).

Of course, I am not interested in considering a transcription factor that is directly involved in some response to a change in environmental temperature. I am interested in transcription factors which are involved in developmental pathways that have nothing to do with reaction of the body to temperature.

I am looking for a referenced answer $\ddot \smile$

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