I am looking for a book that covers the following topics in ethology:

  • Behaviour
    • Sensory filtering, reponsive-ness, sign stimuli, learning and memory, instinct, habituation, conditioning, imprinting.
  • Role of hormones in drive
    • role of pheromones in alarm spreading; crypsis, predator detection, predator tactics, social hierarchies in primates, social organization in insects.
  • Navigation and Biological Rythms
    • Orientation, navigation, homing, biological rhythms, biological clock, tidal, seasonal and circadian rhythms.
  • Methodology
    • Methods for studying animal behaviour including sexual conflict, selfishness, kinship and altruism.

Do you have any suggestions?

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I can suggest three books, none of them cover all those aspects, though:

1) The Foundations of Ethology, Konrad Lorenz. The best introduction I know for the field of ethology. Lorenz is called by some "the father of ethology".

2) Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, Edward Wilson. The deepest study of animal societies I know of.

3) Evolutionary Ecology, Eric Pianka. If my memory is right, it says something about the Navigation and Biological Rythms part.


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