What are the differences between white and brown adipose tissue? Here are some that I have come across:

Brown Adipose Tissue                        White Adipose Tissue

Thermogenic                                 Non-thermogenic
Multilocular                                Unilocular
Relatively many mitochondria                Relatively few mitochondria
Vascularised                                Relatively few capillaries
characterized by the presence of leptin     characterized by the presence of UCP-1
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Not sure what you are asking, except to add to the list?

Its worth mentioning that brown adipose tissue is the only organ in the human body whose primary purpose is to generate heat. We are warm blooded, but the body temperature is regulated by other organs generating heat while they do work (like muscles or I suppose the stomach, kidney, etc).

Brown Tissue is supposed to not a juvenile attribute - doesn't show up in adults to the same extent (usually being limited to neck and upper chest.

Brown Tissue is thought to be present in only critical areas of the body - even in infants. Its found in the inner body cavity around vital organs.

The color comes from the large number of mitochondria in the cells, which is where the heat is generated via uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1).

White adipose tissue is what we more commonly call fat tissue - its primary function is to store energy in the chemical form of long chain fats. Fat tissue as it grows can inhibit the function of insulin in the body, increasing insulin resistance.

You could almost call them 'good fat' and 'bad fat'

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