The visually deprived brain undergoes extensive remodeling due to cross-modal plasticity. This leads to increased areas of the cortex being available for other purposes such as tactile processing. Now I am wondering if there is anything known about how long it takes for the blind to learn Braille as compared to normally sighted people?


I have had a very difficult time finding information that was well-written and what you were looking for. So, I did my best!

From what I have read it takes about four months - everyone is a little bit different and some take longer! Those of us with no visual impairment that try to learn it have no advantage and maybe a slight disadvantage with learning it... I know because I am trying to learn it. It does take a lot a patience and perseverance!

This is the article I referred to: Learning braille; how long does it take and does it get harder with age?

Hope this was helpful!


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