What initiates primase to add an RNA primer to a DNA strand and what makes it stop adding RNA nucleotides? Is there tags added to the DNA back-bone?

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Prokaryotic primases are activated by DNA helicase [1, 2] while the eukaryotic ones are triggered when they form a complex with DNA polymerase alpha and its accessory B subunit [2].

I couldn't find too much information about what exactly triggers activation, but according to De Falco M et al. (2004):

[...] synthetic function (of the prokaryotic primase) is specifically activated by thymine-containing synthetic bubble structures that mimic early replication intermediates. [3]

It stops when it finishes reading a DNA template:

The Sso DNA primase utilizes poly-pyrimidine single-stranded DNA templates with low efficiency for de novo synthesis of RNA primers [3].


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